Keeping control of your costs

Whether you currently operate a WHS/OHS Management System or are unsure of what is needed to help your business meet the demands of the current legislation and relevant Codes of Practice – We have a plan that will suit.

Adelaide OHS Consultants offer a wide range of services based around business-size, industry and budgetary requirements.

We have found that many businesses who have started the journey towards building a safer work environment get distracted by their core business activities.

We also see businesses that have spent significant amounts setting up WHS/OHS policies, but changes in their business and its processes or the legislation itself  necessitate an often time-consuming and expensive review and updating exercise.

WHS/OHS Management System Maintenance Program – Continuous WHS/OHS

We offer a service targeted to keep you on top of your WHS/OHS requirements. Our WHS/OHS Management System Maintenance Program ensures that the success already achieved in implementing a solid WHS/OHS Management System is not eroded by time, continuing to foster a safe work environment.

This program offers the following services:

  • Reviewing all WHS/OHS documentation to keep up with legislation;
  • Arrange scheduled staff training and assist in educating new staff;
  • Working with the OHS&W committees, Health and Safety Representatives to build strategic annual safety action plans;
  • Assisting with Hazard/Risk Assessments and Control Measures;
  • Assisting in the review of SOP’s, SWMS etc;
  • Audit current systems to assist in the review and improvement of current processes.

The complexity and scope of the work performed is tailored to your individual requirements; it is as affordable as it is comprehensive.