Create a Safe Work Environment – Don’t leave it to chance

Regardless of size or industry, all employers have an obligation to provide their workers and contractors with a safe work environment. Should a worker, contractor or visitor suffer a serious injury or illness in your workplace, an investigation by SafeWork SA into the reason for the incident will almost certainly take place. 

Are you gambling with the future of your business?

Non-compliance with WHS/OHS legislation can mean large financial penalties.

The most severe cases may involve jail sentences. These fines could be up to $600,000 for business owners/managers and $3 million for your company for a Category 1 offence.

Safework S.A – Applicable Fines – Ignorance is no excuse

Burying your head in the sand is not the answer to something as critical as the Health, Safety and Welfare of your workers, contractors and visitors. Invest in the safety of people and customers in your business; help them create a safe work environment that will benefit your business, in both the short and longer term.
Call Adelaide OHS Consultants and let us explain how we can work with you to simplify your Work Health and Safety requirements and help you integrate these systems into your day to day business.