Adelaide OHS Consultants offer the following audits packages that meet most customers’ requirements but if you require an audit tool specifically designed to your criteria we are happy to accommodate.

 Some of the items covered and the benefits of these audits are:

  • Work Environment
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Identification of Hazards (both internal and external)
  • Hazardous Substance
  • Manual Tasks
  • Confined Space
  • Physical inspection of your workplace by an experienced safety consultant
  • Identify the need for reviewing current safe operating procedures
  • Identify any workplace safety concerns you may have

Whatever your requirements Adelaide OHS Consultants will help you find the relevant information, understand it and assess the implications to your business.

We believe that the first step to achieving this is for you to understand the workplace safety legal requirements that are applicable to you and your business. From there – together – we can formulate a plan that will comply with legislation and enhance your reputation as an employer who recognises that the safety of its workers is of paramount importance to the success of the business.

Traffic Management

Assists businesses by looking at their current Traffic Management Plan/Procedure and helps to determine if all hazards/risks have been identified and are currently being managed.

Legislative Compliance Audit

This audit looks at the Safety Management System to ensure it’s up to date and compliant to current legislation. This audit will determine if your business is meeting its minimal legislative requirements.

Gap Analysis Audit 

This audit looks at both the quality of the system and the Officers/Workers understanding of the system and how to utilise the tools in the system.

Hazardous Chemical Audit

Assists businesses understand their obligations and legal requirements for chemicals. Also assists businesses in identifying the items and quantities stored.

Site Specific Audit

Assists businesses to identify hazards within specific areas of their business. The findings of this audit can be used to instigate corrective processes; improving operations and conditions. 

AS/NZS 4801 Audit

Internal Gap Analysis Audits against standards are conducted on established safety systems. They help ensure the business operates lawfully, is well run and achieves its targets and objectives.