Workplace, Health and Safety training is a legal requirement of employers to ensure that training, instruction and information are provided to workers to enable them to safely do their work.

Adelaide OHS Consultants can provide the following training:

Work Health and Safety Compliance
This course will inform Business Owners, Managers, Officers and Workers of their legal and moral duties under Work Health and Safety law to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. It will assist in identifying these key stakeholders and their respective legal obligations.

Workplace Bullying
This course will inform management and workers of the nature and consequences of bullying and harassment and how to develop an environment that encourages harmonious workplace relationships and stands against inappropriate behaviours. Participants will be able to better define what constitutes bullying and harassment and how to develop and implement strategies to mitigate associated organizational risks.

Due Diligence
This course is designed to assist PCBUs in identifying their Officers and establishing processes for the effective management of safety within the workplace. Course content will cover WHS reforms, PCBU and Officer responsibilities and their duties to ensure statutory obligations are being met.

Stress Management
This course will inform Managers and Workers of the stress process and how to manage a workplace to reduce stress and its related symptoms. Participants will be given the tools to identify the signs and symptoms of stress and how to best manage occupational stress under work health and safety legislation.

Health & Safety Committees
This course will inform Business Owners and Managers of the benefits and functions of establishing and facilitating WHS committees whilst ensuring that every committee member understands their roles and legislative responsibilities.

Hazard Management
This course will provide participants with a hazard management process and how to best identify workplace safety hazards and implement and evaluate risk controls.

Manual Handling (now known as Hazardous Manual Tasks)
Manual handling is one of the most common causes of workplace injury.  This course will inform Managers and Workers of the dangers associated with manual handling and the controls that are needed to reduce the risks associated with hazardous manual tasks. Participants will be equipped with safe manual handling techniques and how to best manage legal responsibilities under work health and safety legislation.

Notifiable Incidents
This course will inform PCBUs, Officers, Managers and Workers of their legal responsibilities to identify and report notifiable incidents. The course content includes an overview of work health and safety legislation, a legal definition of a notifiable incident and the requirements of reporting and following up on an incident.

Work Health and Safety for School Age Workers
This course will educate and equip school age workers in work health and safety rights and responsibilities to ensure their personal safety and the safety and health of others. Course content provides an introduction to WHS and an understanding of WHS legislation.