Coaching & Integration

Adelaide OHS Consultants offers safety coaching services.

Are you currently experiencing any of the following challenges:

  • Has your Lost Time Injury (LTI) rate increased or spiked recently?
  • Is your business repeatedly seeing evidence of staff taking shortcuts?
  • Are you concerned about risky behaviour and unsafe habits and the business’s capacity to manage it?
  • Are you struggling to identify meaningful indicators of safety performance?
  • Have you had a major accident recently and need some independent advice about how best to meet obligations imposed by industry or safety regulators?
  • Are you about to undergo major change and want to ensure that a risk management process is in place?

What is safety coaching?
Safety coaching is a one-to-one supportive relationship that focuses on developing skills, improving safety performance and resolving problems that if not successfully managed may result in harm to workers and the public, costly incidents and unwanted regulatory attention.

Adelaide OHS Consultants provides a number of different coaching services including:

  • A dedicated on-site expert safety coach who can assist as part of an overall change or improvements.
  • Support the development of Safety Management Systems.
  • Support the integration of documentation and processes.
  • Provide on-site advice when the business is facing a safety crisis such as accident inquiry, prosecution or major downsizing activity.
  • Provide a mentoring role and assist executives and board members in setting specific and measurable goals to develop new perspectives and new strategies.

Adelaide OHS Consultants coaches have specific technical experience in working at a senior executive level in safety critical industries and essential services environments and are fully conversant with risk management, duty of care, personal accountability and safety governance issues with industries including construction, transport, manufacturing and the aged care sector.